ComicList: Marvel Comics New Releases for Wednesday, December 26, 2018, by Charles LePage.

Fantastic Four #5 (Cover A Esad Ribic), $7.99
Fantastic Four #5 (Cover B Alex Ross), AR
Fantastic Four #5 (Cover C Simone Bianchi Susan Storm Variant), AR
Fantastic Four #5 (Cover D Mark Brooks), AR
Fantastic Four #5 (Cover E Jack Kirby Alicia Remastered Variant), AR
Fantastic Four #5 (Cover F Jack Kirby Thing Remastered Variant), AR
Fantastic Four #5 (Cover G Elizabeth Torque), AR
Fantastic Four #5 (Cover H Ashley Witter), AR
Fantastic Four #5 (Cover I Gerald Parel Conan Vs Marvel Heroes Variant), AR
Fantastic Four #5 (Cover J Mike McKone Party Variant), AR
Fantastic Four #5 (Cover K Esad Ribic Premiere Variant), AR
Fantastic Four #5 (Cover L Mike McKone Party Sketch Variant), AR
Superior Spider-Man #1 (Cover A Travis Charest), $3.99
Superior Spider-Man #1 (Cover B Mike Hawthorne), AR
Superior Spider-Man #1 (Cover C Emanuela Lupacchino), AR
Superior Spider-Man #1 (Cover D John Buscema Hidden Gem Variant), AR
Superior Spider-Man #1 (Cover E Marko Djurdjevic Fantastic Four Villains Variant), AR
Superior Spider-Man #1 (Cover F Skottie Young), AR
Uncanny X-Men #7 (Cover A Elizabeth Torque), $3.99
Uncanny X-Men #7 (Cover B John Tyler Christopher Action Figure Variant), AR
Uncanny X-Men #7 (Cover C Dale Keown), AR
X-Force #1 (Cover A Pepe Larraz), $4.99
X-Force #1 (Cover B Rob Liefeld), AR
X-Force #1 (Cover C Gerardo Zaffino), AR
X-Force #1 (Cover D Marko Djurdjevic Fantastic Four Villains Variant), AR
X-Force #1 (Cover E Leinil Francis Yu), AR
X-Force #1 (Cover F Mike Mignola Remastered Variant), AR
X-Force #1 (Cover G Skottie Young), AR
X-Force #1 (Cover H Blank Variant), AR

Marvel Action Avengers #1 (Cover A Jon Sommariva), $3.99
Marvel Action Avengers #1 (Cover B Sara Pitre-Durocher), AR
Marvel Action Avengers #1 (Cover C Sophie Campbell), AR
Marvel Action Avengers #1 (Cover D Gabriel Rodriguez), AR
Marvel Action Avengers #1 (Cover E Gabriel Rodriguez Foil Variant), AR

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