Sci-Fi Worlds Collide with New PREVIEWS Exclusive Robocop and Predator Figures from Hiya Toys

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Ready for sci-fi reboots? Hiya Toys is offering three new PREVIEWS Exclusive figures including a new Predator variant from 2010's Predators and two new Robocop figures from the Robocop 2014 reboot. Check them out inside!

The Legend of Korra: Ruins of the Empire to Be Collected in an Oversized Hardcover

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The Legend of Korra: Ruins of the Empire Library Edition collects the three-volume series in an oversized hardcover with a brand-new sketchbook section, including artist commentary!

Zac Thompson and Jen Hickman Imagine the Horrific End of a Neo-Noir Love Story in Lonely Receiver

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Set in the new future, drenched in pastels and sunshine, Lonely Receiver is a horror/breakup story about a lonely video producer whose holographic wife suddenly disconnects from the world without warning.

Jeff Bridges and Daughter Isabelle Bridges-boesch Bring Children’s Book to Dark Horse

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The moments people remember from childhood are the small, precious ones. Isabelle Bridges-Boesch and her father Jeff Bridges bring those small moments to life in their new children’s book Daddy Daughter Day.