Netflix has announced casting for its upcoming series based on the Millarworld hit Jupiter’s Legacy.

Josh Duhamel and Leslie Bibb will headline as the Sampsons, Sheldon/The Utopian and Grace/Lady Liberty, with Elena Kampouris (Before I Fall) and Andrew Horton (It Came from the Desert) as the Sampsons’ children, Chloe & Brandon/Paragon; Ben Daniels (The Exorcist) as Sheldon’s psychic brother Walter/Brainwave; and Matt Lanter (Timeless) as Sheldon’s best friend George Hutchence/Skyfox.

The multi-generational American superhero epic by Mark Millar & Frank Quitely follows the world’s first generation of superheroes, who received their powers in the 1930s. Today, they are idolized, setting a high bar for their superpowered children, who struggle to live up to their example.